Group of Stations

Radiomyme has been created by people passionate who really love good music. We created a new kind of online radio stations with only music and no talking to offer you the best audio experience on your device.

Because music is our DNA, we provide only the best streaming experience ever for a online free service with up to 320 kbps UHD Quality, even Spotify or AppleMusic can’t provide this quality to there customers.

Radio Play for Mobile

All the onlines stations of Radiomyme Group are available on Radio Play for iOS & Android. You can download the app today and start listening right away

Radio Play for iOS is a app for your iPhone to listen to your favourite stations. Available for free on the AppStore, this app allows you to enjoy the 320 kbps quality on your iPhone or iPad with our really nice player.

The new app also includes search and categories to find the best station for you in seconds.

Radio Play for Android is a app for your Android Device to listen to your favourite stations. Available for free on the PlayStore, this app allows you to enjoy one station of Radiomyme Group.

Download “Radiomyme” and “Club One” today !

Radio Play for tvOS is a app for your AppleTV to listen to your favourite stations. Available for free on the TV AppStore, this app allows you to enjoy hundreds of stations with a large variety of music styles.

Look for Radio Play by Radiomyme today on your AppleTV !

Radio Play for the Web

As electro music lovers, we created Radio Play for the Web to be the best place for DJs, Electro Producers and Awesome Artists from all over the globe to publish there new creations, podcasts and music in the platform. Available for free, you can start listen to the best artist and discover new ones right away.

Live Shows

Discover new songs, remixes and singles from your best artist and the raising stars selected by the Team.

Artists available

Martin Garrix, Quentin Mosimann, Tom Swoon, Kenn Colt, The Chainsmokers, Tiesto, Avicii, Steve Aoki, Don Diablo, Joachim Garraud, and many more


Made for any device using any software (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux…)

New Songs Everyday

Our team is adding songs and podcasts almost everyday to the platform, so come and enjoy new songs during the week.

#1st in Electro

for online radios only on on August 25th

Radiomyme has been created buy Electro Music lovers. Try to listen to Radiomyme to feel the difference between a classic FM Radio and our platform. You’ll enjoy an amazing audio quality without talking or adverts.

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