Beautiful mobile apps

Radio Play is not just an app. It uses the power of iOS, tvOS, Android and your device hardware – all in one to provide the complete experience to build your own radio station app.

Amazing Design
  • Provide astonishing customer experience - Every visitor can be your next loyal listener. With Radio Play you can create simple yet powerful apps with the features that your listeners really need.
  • Integrate with your business - Save time, secure, speed up, and enhance your online radio by building your app for iOS/tvOS/Android created and tested by Radiomyme developers to make your customer experience even better.
  • Your corporate app must differ - Create your company’s new app that all your customers deserve – modern, catchy, surpising.
  • The reasons to buy and come back - Your radios speak for themselves. And that’s the main reason why strangers listen to your station. But there is something more that makes your customers come back – the Value you provide.
Build and Play

Interact smarter

Single or Multiple Radio Station support


All in one

Made for iPhone, iPod or iPad.
Made for AppleTV.
Made for Android.
Made for any browser.


Surpass expectations

Deep software and hardware integration. Like supporting quickAction for your iPhone 6S/7/8/X to start your station right away

Player you need

Get the best radio player ever created for iOS/Android/Browser with all the build-in functions you need.

Get free updates

We update our app frequently to add new features, support new versions of OS and new devices.

Search and Categories

Powerful Player

Add the station name, logo, stream url, Facebook page link, Twitter page link, even a custom page link and you’re done. Our built-in page will do the rest for you.


Building everything for you

Full size Player with Album, artist name, song title and station name


Deep integration

The title, artist and album currently played are displayed on lock screen and Control Center. It also auto updates when track changes


Album Finder

The app will look for an available album in the LastFM database. If no album is available, we will use the default album of the station


Optimized Design for any device

Radio Play for iOS is totally responsive to be compatible with any devices. Tested from iPhone 4S to the iPad Pro 12″.

Made for everyone

Compatible Radionomy, Shoutcast, Icecast, RadioKing and many more providers

Take your station to the next level

Loading audio stream in mp3, pls, m3u, aac, acc+ and m3u8

Monetize your app

Admob (Google) / FacebookAds (Facebook) support. On screen while opening a player (interstitial) and on screen (banner with AdMob) and inApp Purchase to remove ads (Enable/Disable)

We’ve got what you need

You can turn it on/off, define its background color, choose our loader image or upload your own.

We’ve integrated our newly created technology that automatically chooses the right sizes of your images depending the device. So you always have the right image displayed on your phone or tablet.

We have integrated a Tab Bar at the bottom of the screen to make the navigation more easy.

You can change some links and options depending the radio played like Facebook, Twitter, Custom Link, Share text, Default logo…

You can control almost every feature of the app in the Settings making it easier to set up

The app contain everything you need to get started. Take your time to customise the app and making it ready for the AppStore


Radio Play for iOS:
- Player Improvements (Share, Open in Music, Open in Facebook & Twitter)
- Home Design (Cell smaller, improvements of search, faster to load)
- QuickActions Improvements


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